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27 Aug 2016

Sunlight, good roads EP release!

I'm stoked to be sharing the news of the first release from Winter Mountain since 2013's self titled debut album!
So much has happened since then, things have changed in ways that a younger me would have never envisioned... but the music is a constant. A tumbling force that is at once the ocean, the anchor, the figure head, the sail, a port, both the storm and the clear horizon. And a representation of all that is given, received, what remains and what is lost as time glides swiftly onwards, and in my case, all dressed up in rock and roll finery.


It feels great to get some new music out there again.  

Let me introduce you to 'Sunlight, good roads' - This self produced EP was recorded by the fine folks at Cube Studios, Cornwall and features 3 tracks taken from my forthcoming album "I Swear I Flew' (November 2016) and, like the album, is being released on my very own Astral Fox Records. 

'Sunlight, good roads'. Track 1. The title track. Featuring backing vocals from the mighty Seth Lakeman. This is my rock and roll take on a Celtic benediction - 'Thank you my friends, good luck and goodbye' - It jams pretty hard, as all the best (and hardest) goodbyes do I guess (Check out the official video Sunlight, good roads video HERE)
'The Lucky Ones', for my baby sister Sarah and her family, summer storms, fading light. I was listening to Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever on the way to the studio on the day we recorded this one (I'll bet you can hear that).
'The Morning Bell', an acoustic finger picked / lonesome pedal steel account of my first act of rebellion - jumping from my bedroom window to explore the local streets after dark.

Thanks for your time guys, I hope that you enjoy the music.

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